but since I’m a genius I’ll describe her (this too is for you Epitome of Beauty)

maybe you could say she’s from heaven

but she’s from her mother’s womb

an angel maybe or a queen but she’s higher than angels and that is biblical

she can never be royals

it don’t run in her blood

yeah that’s a song maybe?

to describe her is to burn your mind

old stretch(banat) goes “no words can describe her”

but since i’m a genius i will describe her

she is who she is

the way she looks at you

the way she walks

the way she speaks

the way the sparks fly i mean the way she smile

all the way, all original

it is what is attractive to her

it is what is loveable to her

falling in love with her is like falling asleep

it is slow and then all at once ( from a book maybe? haha)

she is not the most beautiful

many girls are ahead of her with regards to that

but that what makes her special there is something about her that I can’t get enough

an epitome of beauty

and this is the product of inspiration overflow

a short description….

she is who she is.

sea love


-May 12, 2014 at 12:11am

Now I know the word “Epitome”.


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