What Jesus Says

When He speaks, He relieves your troubles.
He speaks into your situation, He doesn’t speak around it, He speaks right into it.
When He touches you with His love He touches the part of you that needs it the most.
Wherever there’s pain that’s where He moves.
That silent moment where nobody else can’t get through you and then… BOOOM! JESUS! Right in the middle of your darkness.
For some people, it’s in the middle of their hell hole and their life is ruined and then He’s that voice in the middle of the dark that says “God hasn’t forgotten about you, you are loved”
For some of us, it was smack in the middle work of our religious little fingers to the bone.
Where we got so tired we said: “God I can’t do this anymore”
He said: “That’s good coz I haven’t been wanting you to do this for a long time.”
For some of you, it was that moment, for some of us in the ministry where God said: “You know what son I’ll love you when you never do ministry again.”
It was the most freeing thing we ever heard in all our lives because we are pretty convinced that God was happy because of what we are doing and the moment we learned that He was never happy with what were doing, He’s always happy with us because of Jesus.
And the moment we begin to wear away on that, we wielded our way on our spirit until there is next to nothing left, was in that moment when His voice spoke right into what we needed the most.


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